about us

Founded in 2014

EditNow was founded in 2014 by a former project manager and head of publications, who
worked for a charity in North-West London.

We noticed that while people knew their subject matter
inside-out, they were not able to put their ideas and information
effectively into writing. Books, reports, essays, dissertations,
blogs, and articles were falling well short of their potential and were not meeting their objectives.

The best books, reports, essays, blogs, and articles can come
across as clumsy, unprofessional, and confused.

We help to overcome this

Sit back and relax

We apply our skills

We apply our skills of editing, proofreading,
checking, and rechecking your document, until
you are happy with it.

We work our magic

It can be a painstaking process; but once you have
given us your brief, you can sit back and relax while
we work our magic.

The editing process:

Relieves authors and publishers of this process
Helps authors, publishers, students, and academics to communicate their ideas in the best possible way
Edit Now

Edit Now